My Struggle As A Kidney Disease Patient

Welcome to my page! I am dedicating this page to my health journey. I suffered a major life threatening health scare which resulted in a failed kidney. I am back to health after a kidney transplant.

1 in 10 people is said to be suffering from kidney disease. it is an alarmingly high rate and awareness about the kidney disease is low. Kidney disease is an extremely life limiting and expensive disease. If detected early it can be managed with lifestyle changes and the patient may not need to have undergo a dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Here I have described my tough journey depicting very disturbing moments as well as positive ones too. The blogs are listed as per the events as they took place. I am sharing my journey so it can help someone who is going through a very dark phase. My blog is just not about kidney disease but also about hope, humanity and positivity.

001. It slowly creeps in and then it captures….

We all do it. We get so caught up in our lives that we often fail to notice or just ignore the signals that you are receiving especially when it comes to health. Read more ……

002. The Day it collapsed:

At the hospital I was in and out of that state. I recognized a friend and then I didn’t. I kept on insisting on going home and refused to cooperate with the hospital staff. Slowly I lost my consciousness! Read More

003. The Dark Nights:

That’s my first clear memory of me realizing that I am in the hospital. I was completely unconscious for four days straight after being admitted. I have no memories from that time. Read More….

004. Back and Forth

Everyone was relieved once I opened my eyes as it was such a good sign! However, my eyes were still vacant, and my memory was seriously affected. I could recognize some people at times and then I could not. Read More

005. Mind Plays Games

I made it to the new year! it’s our tradition to bring in the new year in Mahabaleshwar. We drive down on New Year’s Eve, buy the famous footwear that is a must when visiting Mahabaleshwar, have dinner at a dhaba and then drive back after 12. Dinesh is absolutely superstitious about this as he thinks this tradition brings in good luck! We plan our year-end holidays around this. Read More…

006. This Is A Dream!

I opened my eyes and I saw hospital staff surrounding me and my nurse Apeksha standing next to me. I exclaimed that this is a dream! Unfortunately, it wasn’t. After a short stay at home, I was back in the hospital. Read More…

007. Getting ready for a new life

Things were quickly becoming different. I was witnessing unprecedented changes in my life, adjusting to a new normal. I was immobile, weak and now going to lead a life that I never thought of in my wildest dreams.

Read More..

008. My Struggles as a kidney patient Part 1: Dos and Don’ts

Kidney failure is hard to live with. Some cancers can be curable but there is no cure for kidney failure, unless you can get a new kidney. Dialysis is a permanent thing till you get a kidney transplant or die. It is a tough condition and sucks life out of you. There are lot of Dos and Don’ts for a kidney patient, and the life experience of a person with kidney disease and dialysis isn’t the best. Read More…..

009. My struggles as a kidney patient Part 2: Experiences from dialysis centre

My dialysis centre was in the same hospital where I was treated.  Initially, it was all new.  I wouldn’t know how to deal with those four hours. What to expect, what are things that I need to keep in mind.  Read More…

010. My struggles as a kidney patient part 3: Emotional upheavals & a triumph

Irritation, weakness, guilt, despair and frustration owing to dependency is on the emotional palette of a sick person. Why me? – a constant question a person asks themselves. That’s what I experienced once I came back to my senses, realized what was happening to me and what my life could be for good. Read More…

011. Mt Struggle as a kidney patient Part 4: Looks are a lot of things if not everything

One gets used to looking a certain way. We always take pride in the way we look and take every effort to look our best. One constantly hears statements like “If you look good you feel good.” I enjoy dressing up, putting on make-up and making parlor visit to get a mani-pedi. Looking good is the last thing on the mind of a sick person, but a change in the looks due to sickness has a huge impact on a patient’s self-esteem. Read More…

012. My Struggle As a Kidney Patient Part 5: The real miracle moment

My health started improving. I was working hard on getting independent. I managed to get rid of the medical bed, wheelchair and walker. I started doing a lot of things independently at home. I still needed help, but the dependency had greatly reduced. I could help myself to the loo, have a bath on my own and walk around at home on my own. We discontinued the night nurse. Now I could sleep on my own in my room. Read More

013.My Struggle As a kidney patient Part 6: Plan of God

My brother Nitin is the eldest, then Mamata and then me. We call him Dada. Growing up, we were extremely close. We have some amazing childhood memories and I have to share this particular memory that we have pulled his leg for an eternity, but to a large extent, has played out in real life. Read More

014: My struggle as a kidney patient Part 7 : What it takes to donate a kidney

My brother decided he will donate his kidney, but both organ donation and transplant are not easy processes.  A number of procedural requirements are involved in it. Read More..

015.My Struggle As A kidney Patient Part 8: The countdown begins

The 5th of January was decided as the transplant date. My sister and her family came down from the UK in December itself. I was excited at the prospect of getting the transplant done.  Read More..

016.My struggle As A Kidney Patient Part 9: Adjusting with a new kidney

After spending 24 hours in the recovery room, I was shifted to a private room. I was on top of the world, now that things were going to fall in place. To ensure my transplant was a success, the doctors counselled me on the do’s and don’ts after my surgery. Read More…

017. My Struggle As A kidney patient Part 10: Not Without Them

Reading my journey, I am sure you must have noticed the tremendous support Dinesh and I have received from our family and friends.  Difficult times are true barometer of people who stand by you in your difficult times and I am extremely lucky in this department. Read More..

018: My Struggle As a Kidney Patient Part 11: Second Lease of lIfe

Anybody who goes through an illness or near death experience, truly understands how precious life is and I am no exception.  Read more ..

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