Thats My Spot!

Thats my Spot!

If you have been watching Big Bang Theory you would know whose famous line is this. We laugh on Sheldon for wanting to sit in a particular seat as it makes him comfortable and brings out well according to him his best behaviour! To be honest we all have that Sheldon thing of thats my spot!

But as a mom do you feel you are playing musical chairs when it comes to your spot? I often find myself giving up my spot!

At home I have a teenager and she is absolutely particular about where she seats. She likes to sit in the left corner of the sofa as it gives the best view of the TV and allows her to keep her glass of water, TV remotes, ketchup bottle to the side table . Easy for binge watching and binge eating. There is a window behind which gives a ample light for her to read if her smartphone allows a room for a book. Its a perfect spot and its mine Mom! She is so fixated if someone sits there she makes it point to make them get up. Its really rude on her part but we end up doing what she wants to avoid a terrible teen tantrum.

The next comes the dining table. My husbands sits at the centre, I sit at the right and my daughter next to me. That was the original seating arrangement but again my daughter decided she wants to sit next to her dad. I was quiet adamant of not giving up my spot but after a struggle in the interest of a peaceful meal experience daughter dearest gets my spot. Now you may ask who sits to the left of your husband? My mother in law! You can’t really move that mountain. That goes in to some other terrain.

Next casualty was my car seat. It was so nice when she was small. Now she is grown up and has a phone and has a playlist. So now I have taken a backseat and also have to listen to most of the time unbearably loud music.

The movie watching experience has also changed. She previously used to sit in the middle and now I find myself in the middle. I do not have major complaints on this one though. I get to sit next to my husband.

Travelling in a plane is another area. When they are small they sit in middle and gradually kids push you away from the window seat. So you are seating either in the middle or aisle seat. Most of the time mom is always in the middle. My heart goes out to moms with more than one kid. Seating arrangements in a plane can put them in a spot.

If you complain about this the standard response I have heard teens are trying to carve out their own identity and sitting in one spot gives them that. Which is true! As they grow up they are trying different things, learning new things. Kids when they are small always emulate their mothers. They always want to do all things that there mother can do and its a learning process for them.

Its definitely annoying but as a mom I know I have a special place in her universe and thats really my spot!

Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

2 thoughts on “Thats My Spot!

  1. Ohh well written kavita…love to read more of your write ups. my spot…yea indeed th soot in our loved ones heart ❤ makes us going.


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