What Type Of A Gym Person Are You?

Finally the gyms in Maharashtra can be open from 24th October and there is excitement as well as apprehensions about it.  COVID is a difficult bitch. 

Gym goers are definitely missing gyms and reason is entirely not about fitness. I joined a gym 10 years back, primarily to lose weight and continued to go to there to lose weight quite unsuccessfully. The reason people including me keep going there because then you become a part of a universe which is quite disconnected from your friends and family. You make new friends, find love, learn new things, get that solitude as you get fit .

I observed many people who worked out at the same time I did and have classified them in certain types. I am sure you can identify yourselves and other gym members to one of these types. 

Fit Ninjas : I do not like to call them gym rats. They are serious about their fitness and health goals. You will always find them working out, doing advance level of exercises and give advise to others. They carry their protein supplements in workout area. Most of them have great work out clothes too. 

My trainer and I: These people only work out with trainer and make everyone know that they have hired a trainer. Most of them are snobbish and pity people working out on their own. 

Lovebirds: They are their for love. Love for each other and of course fitness! They join the gym first and then they find love or it can be vice a versa. This category is seriously discussing which machines to use, do couple workouts, take a long water break, crack jokes, click pictures. They are pure delight to observe when you are walking on dreadmill. 

Mommy Club: Deadliest of them all. They are talking and laughing loudly, exchanging family updates and recipes, openly flirting with the trainers,  ambush fitness ninjas for their tips and not follow them. If they get time in between all this they do work out! The party moves from the gym floor to changing rooms to car parks and if time permits a coffee and breakfast, lunches, gossip sessions, the list goes on. They complain with the gym management the most, as they spend ample time observing the gym operations than working out.

The Rock – You will find them in weight section. Guys with muscles and who do heavy lifting. They are invariably wearing racer back t-shirts. They do not look at anyone. Most of the weight section has mirrors and  these hunks are marvelling at their biceps and triceps during their break. They lift and admire themselves in the mirror with full awareness that everyone is watching them. 

Fashion brigade: They are naturally blessed with good bodies and  wear fantastic workout clothes. They are their to be noticed. They are clicking selfies or shooting their workouts to gram it. These cannot be clubbed in narcissist as they need acknowledgement of how lovely they look and make efforts to connect with people. Nice people and makes the gym environment easy on eyes. 

Tintins:  Teenagers usually come with someone or in a group. They are looking at people working out with amusement and in their mind relating them either with a cartoon , character, or an animal. They catch two adjacent machines and when they find something funny, look at each other and giggle uncontrollably.   

Sweaty Joes: They sweat a lot and I mean a lot!! I mean you are in gym to sweat it out but so much.  The good ones have a gym towel and clean each and every machine after using them. 

Lone Ranger: They go to the gym, do the drill, observe the people, make absolute no effort to talk to anyone .  They like to be left alone with their music. It’s their downtime. 

I belong to two  types “My trainer and I” and “lone ranger”. I hired a trainer for the lack of motivation to exercise on my own. My trainer became a good friend of mine and great conversations (gossip) was an added bonus. On the days I did not work out with the trainer, I was a loner. I chose a machine and listened to my songs. No one would notice me. 

Do you identify yourself with one of these types?   Let me know yours in the comments section. 

Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

2 thoughts on “What Type Of A Gym Person Are You?

  1. Me too!!!!!! I mean I too am a “My trainer and I” and “lone ranger”. But right now, “workouts” only at home (with my “Personal” trainer you know who I mean ;-)) and jogging around the building, so “My trainer and I” and “lone ranger”, continues 🙂

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