Day 3: What Are your Top 3 Pet Peeves?

I am a Mom locked up with my family for almost an year, thanks to corona!   So I am sure many women can identify with these. I am extremely irritated and 3 is too less a number for my pet peeves but currently I can count the below as my top 3.

  1. What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 

I absolutely detest being asked this question. With the whole family under one roof for almost a year and a daughter and a husband being picky eaters, I invariably have this question being thrown at me. When I protest, my husband changes it and asks “what are the options?”  Ughhhs!! 

2) Finding empty packets of food in the snack container 

With a teenager at home, I often find myself with an empty packet of snack. I am watching TV and enjoying  it and want to munch on something. I go to my kitchen cabinet and see a snack packet in the cabinet, open it with anticipation and very often I find it empty. Its really annoying, especially if the snack happens to be your favourite chips. My daughter empties it and does not bother to throw it in the dustbin. May be its her cue for me that we need a refill.  It is certainly a major pet peeve 

3) Music or TV after waking up- 

I love music but I cannot stand a noisy morning. I like them calm and silent. I do not even like being talked to in the mornings either. You need to give me at least an hour and half to be human enough to enjoy all these things. 

Now that I have written mine, I am curious to know what are your pet peeves. Share it in comments.

Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

13 thoughts on “Day 3: What Are your Top 3 Pet Peeves?

  1. 1. When people wear my slippers! I hate this they are mine my feet belong in them!
    2. Despite having headphones, my husband watching things on his computer/phone with the volume on so loud it drowns out my program! why..? you have headphones!
    3 My youngest screaming murder every time my eldest smiles at him!
    plus of the above listed by you also! x


  2. 1. I live in a busy neighborhood full of kids that play outside a lot. They are constantly throwing their trash in my yard. For the love of god why walk right over it but not one can bend over to pick it up it seems. Universal rule you see trash pick it up! Especially at your house. So what if it’s not yours!! It’s trash!

    2. I too can’t stand the question. What’s for dinner? Constant fight.

    3. My kids constantly call wanting this and that while I’m at work or they wait til I get home and nice and comfortable to ask me to go get a drink etc. Had to make my car a no phone zone! It can not come out. It forces my kids to communicate with words and spend time with me even if it’s only 10-15 minutes. And the things they can ask for has to be for the next day just in case I’m too tired.

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      1. Yes indeed. Even as young adults they tend to be selfish as well. Kids are naturally selfish it’s how they are wired. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t give it our best shot. I have 5 kids all well behaved and college educated well older three anyway. Pet peeves taken care of and not left to run amuck. ❤️

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  3. Kavita 1st n 3rd one copy just annoys me. In addition to this my help Lata she is through our day Tai tai…its like hushh give me break.

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  4. All of the above. But I can tolerate the 3rd if its important . But kids not having a bath in the morning and lazing around all the day is one more.
    Also making new things in the kitchen …why can’t we have 1 pot dinners/lunches everyday???

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