Day 22: Write About Your Favourite Restaurants

Now thats going to be a long list as I am a foodie and I ate out a lot! I do not eat out as much but still love to go out and have a good meal.  Here is my pick of my favourite restaurants. 

  1. Savya Rasa :  Nestled in a small Koregon Park lane , Savya Rasa tops my list.  It is a fine dine restaurant that serves authentic south Indian food. I first visited this restaurant during Navratri, and I am thankful that I visited during the time when I wasn’t eating meat. I would have simply missed it. This is one of the rare places where you feel bad for not eating their vegetarian selection, if you eat non vegetarian and vice versa. The food overall is so good, that even my daughter doesn’t mind eating their authentic vegetariansouth Indian food here. Their Panirappams, Chettinad food, the steamed fish in banana leaf and the appams, need dosa, malbari parathas. This was our choice of restaurant to visit when lockdown restrictions were lifted in Pune.
  1. Malaka Spice :  I have so many memories of this place. Just not about the food but countless memories I have about this place. When my sister was living in India, this was our go to restaurant when we couldn’t make up our mind about where to go. Their top hats, burnt garlic fried rice, Pad Thai are jut to die for. The best part of having a meal there was to have their red wine sangria pitcher. Malaka Spice is just a really good restaurant to make lovely memories over a meal.
  1. Mainland China:  For someone whose favourite cuisine is Chinese , this had to be on the list. I am eating here for last 25 years and they are as good as ever. One of the few restaurants who maintained their quality consistently. When I was unwell and in the hospital, my husband would order their sweet corn chicken soup for me in the hospital. It was such a mood lifter. I love their fried rice and these days their Drums of Heaven in chilly plum sauce really make me dance. 
  1. Barometer : This is fairly a new restaurant and I really enjoy eating here. The ambience, their service and mainly their food is really great. It is not really a specialty restaurant but they serve really good food. The place also has a good vibe. I love their lemon coriander soup, chicken tandoori and their Kerala paper chicken (Fiery!!
  1. Gulatis:  I lived in Delhi for 5 years and if you are foodie there is no place like Delhi to eat. If anybody is going to Delhi I always recommend them to go to Gulatis. It serves amazing kebabs, Tanduris and butter Nans and curries. The food here is just yummy! One has to be lucky to get a table there as its always so crowded 
  1. Om Sweets: If you think I am always polishing off meat then this is the place I would go for to enjoy the vegetarian food.  This eatery iwas near my place in Gurgaon.It is famous for sweets , chats and local North Indian delicacies like samosas, chola bhatura.  For me going to Gurgaon is incomplete without eating at Om Sweets. 

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I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

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