Day 23: Write A Letter to Someone

Dear Sansa,

I know you can’t read this butI have said many of the things I am mentioning in this letter, to you already.  When I say these things to you, you look at me with such a sweet face making me wish if you could talk. 

I wasn’t and I am still not a pet person, and if at all I was planning for a pet, it was certainly not from a feline variety. 

Sayali was after us for ages to get a pet and we resisted it for a really long time. However, the pandemic changed everything. We could see how isolated our daughter was feeling and we relented finally. The terms and conditions to get you home were set. Sayali will be looking after you and not us and big one we will not keep you home after a month or two. Your bed will move to the car park. 

When you came home, I was scared to touch you and be around you. It was very uncomfortable. I had never touched any animal before so you can imagine. Somehow I managed the courage and started touching you but still didn’t love or adored you. 

Then one day everything changed and I am lucky to have captured that moment. You were more comfortable with Dinesh and I didn’t mind it at all. That night when we were watching TV, you just jumped on the sofa on which I was sitting with my legs stretched. I was bit shocked and then you came and just put your head in my lap. I was taken aback and couldn’t shoo you away.  In fact I found it really sweet and managed to click your pic which I have attached below. 

This is that face that made me stop being scared of you and liked having you around. You are like a small child who can not talk and doesn’t cry. I don’t need to take care of your food and cleanliness and thats a bonus. I think I am having the best deal when it comes to having a pet. 

You are certainly a cute pet to have around and extremely frisky and playful. 

Thank you for blessing our family. 

Loads of love


Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

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