Day 26: Write About An Area In Your Life You Would Like To Improve

It has to be the time management and minimising distractions. 

I have had a corporate job where I always got to demarcate between personal and professional life. While working you only work and once home you switch off from work. That worked fantastically! 

I do not work anymore and I have the whole day with me.  I Continue to have my domestic and motherly duties but not the professional ones. I am trying to complete a certification and looking to start a practice on my own and this is where I am really struggling. 

With pandemic everyone is home and that is making things worse. With me not having an “employment” per se, I feel my time and attention is being taken for granted. When I am studying there are questions question or disturbance which distracts me and I hate that.  I am really behind my certification course. I miss the boundaries that came with my job. 

Its not that my day is completely wasted but at the end of the day, only for few nights a week I feel accomplished. That is something I would like to improve. 

Any suggestions? Share them in comments box. 

Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

2 thoughts on “Day 26: Write About An Area In Your Life You Would Like To Improve

  1. Love the way you have been writing and sharing …..people don’t always have the courage!

    For the issue at hand I believe for hobbies/home work assignments or the likes, it is important to set a routine and set aside specific time of the day.

    It is important for others to realize that you are ‘out of bounds’ fir those hours!

    Draw one line to cross another!

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