Day 30: Your Highs and Lows For The Month

The positive person in me is thinking of more highs than low which is great! Isn’t it? 

This is the last blog from the 30 Day Writing Challenge and writing this blog and completing the challenge has been a big high for the month gone by for sure.  I have tried many individual challenges but never completed any and this is the first time I am completing a challenge on my own. So this challenge is really special. 

For quite some time, I wanted my daughter to understand how to organise her studies, but she wasn’t giving me a chance but for her final exam she agreed. We have worked hard together and she is lot more confident. I am happy about that. For the next year, my aim is to empower her to create her own study process which she can follow all by herself. 

I celebrated my 22nd wedding anniversary with my loved ones but missed my dearest sister and her family in celebrations. 

In terms of lows the usual ones. 

I have joined a weight loss program. Though it has been just two weeks I was expecting magic to happen and it didn’t. I guess everybody has the same story.

Today morning I went to operate my bank locker. I have kept a page from my late father’s diary where he has mentioned few things about me. Thats the only belonging I have of my dad. It is precious for me and I am scared of losing it and have kept it in my bank locker. I was hoping to read it and see his handwriting. In fact I was getting all emotional in anticipation and the bank employee told me that my account has become dormant and will need a day to reactivate for me to operate. That was bummer. I felt  low at that moment. 

Before I sign off from this challenge, a big thank you to each and everyone for reading all the blogs. I will continue to write on other things and hope to have your support for it too! 

Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

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