#SOCS March 13- Day That Starts well Doesn’t Necessarily Ends Well

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week:

I thought it would be interesting to see not just how everyone has coped, in last year or not, over the last year, but to share our common experiences as a way to connect, to feel a little less alone, perhaps. Basically, talk about your last year is what I’m saying, whether stream-of-consciousness style or not. Or, if you’d rather not, talk about any time period your heart desires. Without further ado, here’s your prompt for this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “day/week/month/year.” Use one, use them all, use them any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Yesterday was that day for me!

I am toying with a business ides in the area of learning & development for sometime and was doing some research around it.  I have a gut feeling it may work well.

I spent my morning creating a feasibility survey about it and while doing so I got a text from my friend. She had a requirement for content creation. I offered to do it but the timelines were aggressive for submission.

When I looked at the kind of offerings they were trying to provide I knew it was not a good product.  I was in no way capable of delivering everything in a week and offered to do a part of the job.  I knew this wasn’t working but I really enjoyed creating outlines on what I will do and how I will so this project.  It felt like back at work. I felt this was a good omen that we were discussing this project on a day I was ready to send out my survey. 

It didn’t work out and my friend informed me she isn’t going ahead with the project. I didn’t react much in fact I was totally normal and relieved. 

Our mind works very different though.  Our mind controls our emotional responses and the timing of the same. There are multiple things that  am working on. I am on a weight loss program and I really worked hard this week and  was expecting a good weigh in. I went to my nutritionist and I found a gain on the scale. I was angry and in fact I was in tears. I was taken aback with my emotions. This wasn’t a normal reaction for sure. I have had worse weigh in than that day but I was extremely upset. 

After some emotional scanning I realised it wasn’t about a bad weigh in, but it was about the opportunity that didn’t materialise. There have been many days like this for many of us as we are still struggling with pandemic. Fear of catching virus, isolation, feeling stuck. Things that didn’t materialised. Did you experience  such emotional state in the last year where your reactions really didn’t make sense and continue to do so? 

I started my day with high hopes and ambition but ended with frustration and binge eating.

Today, however is a new day and I am back on track!   We should enjoy our success and go through the failures and come back on track! Happy weekend!

Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

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