# SOCS April 10 – Difference

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The first thought that came to my mind when I saw “Difference” as this week’s prompt  was about the feeling of freedom that I am experiencing today compared to yesterday. Our decisions make huge difference to our life.

Like millions in the world, I decided to lose weight in the new year and joined a weight loss program. For a week or two on the plan, I was really high on motivation but it started to wither down by week three or four. It was not because of the diet but mainly because of lack of results. I started to lose patience. 

The program had a week of strict program and then a 10 days of comparatively relaxed eating.  I had been on this nutritionist’s program few years back and saw great results.  However this time around my views regarding food have changed and that “difference” made it difficult for me to accept this plan.  One thing that always kept lurking in my mind was this is all coming back once I am off the program.  I would get great results in week of strict plan and then I would find a gain in relaxed plan. 

The last week I was again on a stricter plan and I followed it to the T . I checked my weight and I saw a loss of 1.1 kilo of fat loss . I sent my results and diet log to my nutritionist. She wrote me back I am doing so well but you have had 15 grapes on  Tuesday and that should be avoided. That moment I decided to stop and discontinue the program.

I did see the results but I wasn’t particularly happy or kicked about it as by now I know very well it is not sustainable. Grapes will never figure in my favourite foods list but if I cant have a few of them then it is not worth it. I cant keep adding new items to foods to fear as this fear stays on even if your plan gets  over and you are always eating these foods feeling guilty. You should feel happy about what you eat and not guilty. 

I wont be exactly going on a binge. I will continue to eat healthy but allowing myself to little treat.  I have had a year where I couldn’t eat because I was too sick and then I had a lot of dietary restrictions. There is no point or restricting my food when I am in pink of health now and can eat. Life has become very unpredictable and we must respect what is available to us. You may not see tomorrow, you may not have anything to eat or food will be there but you won’t be able to eat for health reasons. So respect what you have. Treat your body with respect and take care of what goes in it.

I can feel the difference that my decision made today. I feel relaxed. I had my coffee with sugar and enjoyed without thinking oh! I am going to get a red remark for this. 

Have a great weekend!

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I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

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