13 Day Yoga challenge – My Review and Experience

I am not really a Yoga person. Reason being A) I am not flexible and B) I enjoy energy of Zumba, aerobics or a weight session more.  On any given day Yoga is my last option as a workout.  I do understand, yoga is immensely beneficial for our mind and it helps with mind and body connection, still I am not a fan. 

One day while I was Youtube surfing a yoga video by Aparajaita Jamewal popped up. I instantly liked this lady who is  fondly called AJ.  She is not those “Yogini”s with hot bod and scanty clothes showcasing unachievable twisted pretzel yoga poses.  She has a pleasing personality with a perfectly fit and healthy body and a humble aura around her.  He cue giving skills for all poses were detailed and on point.  She got me interested and after searching more on her, I came across her 13 day Yoga challenge.  It was conducted three years ago but still I decided to do it.  Considering my previous experiences with Yoga , I was pretty sure I wont be completing it but still decided to do it. 

So on May 31st I started with the challenge 

Day 1:  Posture correction class:  It was a 35 minute smooth and easy session.  I was surprised how quickly the first class went by.  I felt fresh throughout the day as it was more of a stretching class. Calories burnt 71 

Day 2:  Surya Namaskar:  Most of us know how to do surya namaskar routine. You should do this class to know how to do it correctly. Day 2 was around 40 minutes and apart from Surya Namaskar, it focussed on abdomen also. This was a harder class than day 1. I had to stop twice in between and I sweated a lot. Calories – 118 

Day 3: The last 10 minutes were hard. Overall  it was a good stretching and strengthening for spine. Calories 108 .

Day 4:  Back stretches – 54 calories. As good as a rest day 

Day 5: Most difficult class for me till date as it was about balancing and I am really balance challenged and need to work on it. I will need to practice this class more often to work on my balance. Calories -101 

Day 6:  This was comparatively easy and doable . Calories 101 

Day 7 : I was in mood to skip this one as it was Saturday but I knew if I skipped then I would discontinue it altogether as usual so made it a point to do it. This was about upper body. It was alright. Calories 84 

Day 8 : Forward bending class. I felt my balancing has improved minutely. I realised my upper body is quite stiff and these bends were hard. Calories 109 

Day 9: This was tough as it focussed on upper body and core and my upper body strength is bad. I had to stop in between. The highlight was definitely side plank. I could not do the whole plank but AJ has given few steps which if you practice, the side plank is possible. I have seen many videos explaining side plank technique but this is by far the best video to understand and master the side plank. This particular video I am definitely repeating.  Calories 114

Day 10: This was yoga for weight loss session and it was exhausting. Doing this series without rest day could be the reason I was feeling tired. It was exhausting. Calories 148

Day 11: This was again a balancing session and I found the second half tough. She covered tree pose and eagle pose.  I really found it hard. I really need to work on my balance. Calories : 145 

Day 12:  Twisting for detoxification. This was again a stretching class and it was good. Calories :127

Day 13: Dedicated to practicing the yoga poses done throughout the series. A quick and effective class and its a wrap! I managed to finish the yoga challenge ! Yay! Calories: 105 

Yoga is all about technique and one should get a good yoga teacher for that. AJ is an amazing yoga trainer.  The instructions that she gives put you at ease and also makes you understand about your body. The tips she gave to put your weight on your palms and feet evenly really helped me to understand my body balance , posture and what was wrong and how to correct it. It was because of AJ  I managed to complete the challenge 

13 days is really not a long time to see changes in your body but I definitely feel the body has opened up and relaxed. I was not able to sit on my toes and still don’t , but my stance from day 1 to day 13 is so much better. I have not felt grand like how people describe who practice yoga like “I feel so relaxed, calm and connected. May be because I am pretty centred person. I absolutely loved the stretching sessions as they really make you feel fresh and energised.  In terms of weight it moved by 100 grams, but then yoga is not meant for weight loss. It is for finding out what your body is capable of. Regular practice of yoga will make your body more flexible and in short span of 13 days I have definitely felt the minute changes in the body. 

So am I a yoga convert? To a certain extent! Especially those balancing and upper body strengthening classes as I badly need them. I definitely see myself doing yoga once or twice a week. 

The timing of my taking on this challenge was perfect, as the International Yoga Day is celebrated this month. It was a pure coincidence though.

If you want to do this challenge with AJ check out this link: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDrv1qSpibNVljSnSpYl17W4yqayvsNxp

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