We all are watching a lot of television and movies thanks to pandemic.  All of us have a preference to a particular genre and my favourite genre is crime, suspense , romance  and comedy.  During lockdown, I got a chance to watch a whole lot of new movies and TV series and watched again some of my old favourites. I am sharing my top favourite movie and TV scenes and why they are my favourite.  I would also like to know which are your favourite scenes too! Do share in the comment box!

  1. Game of Thrones – Cersie’s Revenge on High Sparrow 

I tried watching GOT many times but couldn’t pass beyond two episode but finally pandemic made me watch it and boy how I fell in love with it!  It is one of the most shocking, brutal and engaging TV experience ever.  No wonder one of my favourite scene is from GOT. Cersie is the blackest character in GOT played beautifully by Lena Heidy.  

High Sparrow troubles Cersie and humiliates her in worst possible manner. High Sparrow definitely underestimated Cersie.  The way she kills him and the way the whole revenge is built up in the episode is marvellous. The music, the quietness and the final bang. When you see it for the first time and then later every time it is equally impactful. The best moment is when Cersie raises her wine glass and take a sip watching the destruction with that faint victory smile.  Awesome!  No hell hath fury like a woman scorned! 

2) Pretty woman : Vivian goes shopping 

Who doesn’t  love Vivian from Pretty woman?  Juila Roberts plays Vivian with so much innocence that everyone loves her despite her being a prostitute. 

Vivian is shown the door from a posh Beverly Hills boutique thinking she wont be able to afford it from her appearance. Then Edward, Mr. Money bags played by handsome Richard Gere,  helps her with a makeover and a shopping spree.  After her makeover Vivian confidently walks back  in the same boutique where she was shown the door and lets the sales woman know “Mistake! A big mistake” 

It is such a relatable movie moment as each of us have had that feeling at some point of time, that we wont be welcome in a shop even if we can afford it. 

3) 3 Idiots Chatur’s speech

Do I need to explain it? Its just so funny and hilarious!  Its laugh a riot scene 

4. As good as it gets 

This is one of my favourite movies. Jack Nicholson plays a writer  in it and no wonder this movie boasts of many a great dialogues skilfully delivered by Nicholsan. All men should watch this movie as it is a masterclass on how to compliment women.   There is not one but two beautiful scenes in this movie which are my favourites. Watch the movie or till then watch these two standout scenes.

The greatest woman alive 

5. English Vinglish  – Entrepreneur 

Sridevi plays a housewife who has been taken for granted by her family. She enrols herself for English Speaking class while on her visit to US. During the class in her broken English she shares that she makes snacks and sell them and then the tutor tell her “ oh you are an entrepreneur!”  It is just not a new word for her but a whole new identity.  For the first time she realises she is more than a wife and mother is on cloud 9. Sridevi has nailed  that scene. 

For many women it is such a relatable scene and makes a great cinematic moment as far as women self worth is concerned. 

Hope you enjoyed !

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I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

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