Throwback Thursday – Learning To Drive

Participating in the writing prompt jointly given by FromTheCave walls and LSS Attitude of Gratitude. 

This weeks prompt is writing your memory of “Learning to Drive” To know more about the prompt visit the link

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Being a Mumbai girl I was more used to travelling by public transport. So I never knew cycling, riding or driving. 

I moved to Delhi after my marriage and its was a vastly different city than Mumbai. It had a pathetic public transport. Also anyone who moves from Mumbai to Delhi is sceptical about travelling in public transport.  In general Mumbaikars find Delhi unsafe and it is.  So a car was a necessity and we bought a car within three months of our moving. 

I enrolled in a driving school and my driving instructor’s name was Sujan Sharma.  A middle aged local man and he was sweet and strict at the same time. I called him Sharmaji!

The car in which I was being trained  had two sets of gear box so in case I was not able to control the car then the Sharmaji would to avoid accidents. 

I still remember that feeling of being in a driver’s seat. It makes you feel so empowered! Driving opens up so many possibilities. You can be on your own. Its like being a bird. Your movements are not restricted. 

In the beginning I was definitely scared but enjoyed my sessions.  Gurgaon, where I was staying was not as densely populated place as it is now. So it was easier to practice. 

During one of my session, sharmaji was on leave and I had another instructor and he decided to take me to a crowded area . Since he was new and didn’t know much about my practice, he gave me few instructions which I didn’t understand and ended up bumping a car ahead of me. It wasn’t a huge thing. The car wasn’t even dented but  so many people gathered around.  The new guy said don’t worry and he got out of the car and just left. I was dumbstruck and didn’t know what to do. I was scared. The other car owner started shouting at me and I tried to pacify me. He realised I wasn’t a local and calmed down and he said its ok! Don’t worry! you can go! 

My great instructor reappeared with another guy and seeing the situation in control just said to me , you handled it well!  How magnanimous of him! 

That incident kind of put me off driving but I finished my lessons anyways. 

Talking about to learning to drive I certainly learnt!  But did I drive? Not really!  The car was mostly with my hubby and since it was the first car he ever bought and since I bumped a car while taking lessons, he was not very keen of giving me the wheels.  So I have driven on and off in the past but now I have completely stopped due to health issues and in the interest of public safety! 

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I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Learning To Drive

  1. Kavita, thank you for joining us in this challenge! I have seen videos of these places and driving there would terrify me. What an awful situation your new instructor left you with. I am so relieved you were not hurt!

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