Back To Blogging !

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I am back to blogging after almost a year.  I joined work after a long break and wanted to write about my experience but I never got to do it. But today I finally got the motivation.

By 3:30 PM on Friday I was feeling exhausted. It had  nothing to do with work but due to sheer fatigue because of things happening in my personal life.  I am back at witnessing what my life was 3 years ago, thankfully this time I am not the patient but it is still hard. To see all these things happening and the times are hard .

At work I attended a session on Mindfulness and it kind of got me motivated.  While going through the session I realised , I am already doing many things but wasn’t calling it a mindfulness practice. One of the activities described was journaling , which I do on a daily basis but it is too honest and explosive to be published 🙂 

At this moment I do not have a specific topic on which I would like to write but I just want to be back on popular demand! Yes!!! A lot of my readers are asking me to write again and here I am. They have kept my blog alive. I have been getting constant hits so I am happy. 

Since my blogging started with my kidney disease I want to give an update on my kidney.  I am in my fourth year of transplant and feeling great. Life is great!  I have few limitations like losing balance – I have had few falls in 3 years and right now my shoulder and right toe are injured. I continue to gain weight but at the same time my parameters are also healthy.

My old boss got me back in the workforce and I am loving being back, interacting with people , feeling occupied. It is great.

My darling daughter will be finishing school this year and I am very emotional about it. She continues to be the light of my life and a hug from her is all I want everyday. My husband is creating new challenges for me to keep the marriage sparkling 😁!

My siblings -they continue to enchant me. The brother who gave me a kidney is battling for life and needs a liver.  My sister has offered to donate hers.  Once that happens we will be connected by an organ each! I am praying for it. 

I feel life is a puzzle and we are always stuck at that piece which is crucial to solve it but cant get it right. The last piece!  

Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

2 thoughts on “Back To Blogging !

  1. Hey kavi …was eagerly waiting to see this side of u….m happy to see you back. Yes life is puzzle..but you will find last piece eventually. Have faith.

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