The “Saree” Story

Every year during October – November months, we plan a trip to Shirdi and then Saptashrungi.  We have been doing this for a few years now barring two years of Pandemic.

For my trip a month before the pandemic broke, there was a huge pooja planned and I had bought a fancy new saree. I packed my new saree, jewellery , makeup and the works!  I wanted to really dress up for the Mahapooja at Saptashrungi. Married women come decked up there. But while leaving for the trip , my husband forgot to put my bag in  the car. He still denies it and says I was supposed to take care of it!  But no! He forgot!

That was a bit of a shock as we realised it after reaching there. We drove for 7 hours and the temple is on a hill and has no shops.  Fortunately we were travelling in a big group and the ladies loaned me the saree and jewellery.  I was really put off with my husband as I had really done lots of prep and I couldn’t use any of it.

Last week we went on this trip again. This time I had made no prep. I didnt even pack that well as my brother had just passed away two weeks back and I was really not in my best spirits.  It was just meant to be a simple temple visit. My sister and her husband were with us.  First we went to Shirdi temple.  Now this place has undergone a change in the last two years and many shops and eateries have popped up.  One of the shops had beautiful sarees on display.  I rarely shop for sarees but this time I just wanted to check it out and ended up buying two sarees one blue and the other black . I was really surprised with myself and passed it off as post trauma retail therapy. 

After that we headed for the Saptashrungi temple and while we were checking in our rooms. The priest there told us we can do the evening pooja and aarti but we have to be in a saree. I was taken aback. This time we were not travelling in a big group, but I had a brand new saree that I could wear.  I wore the blue saree and gave the black to my sister . We  bought bindi and some fake jewellery there as we were not  carrying anything.  I had to drape the saree on my top and trousers which was very uncomfortable and I was very  close to a wardrobe malfunction. The goddess literally saved me from that though.

It is uncanny that I had a Saree story for two consecutive visits . The last trip I had to wear a loaned saree and this trip I loaned one to my sister.  I am curious what the next trip has in store for me. 


Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

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