About Me

Hello !

I am kavita Deo and I am based in Pune, India.

I am an ideal wife, happy mom, good sibling and a fantastic friend :). My hobbies are music, movies, reading, writing, food and going for long drives. I am known for being humorous and positive person.

In December 2017 I suffered a terrible health setback which led me bed ridden and on dialysis for almost 1.5 years. My doctors ,friends and family term my recovery as miracle. They say I almost made it to heaven and came back almost four times.I have gone through tremendous ups and downs both physically and emotionally and back to good health now.

During treatment I realised there is not enough support material or forums available for kidney patients in India. People can be on dialysis for life and it is extremely frustrating and restrictive life condition. The only hope is a kidney transplant and the transplant rates are very low in our country. I am one of the lucky few who has received that gift of life.

Through this blog I aim to share my story and help those who are going through illness or hard times. I sincerely hope my story will give you strength and motivation not to lose hope in your battles.

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