The GM Diet : My Experience & Result

I am genetically pleasantly plump and so a chronic dieter. I don’t remember being thin ever in my life. I was a stick when I fell sick but I was in no position to enjoy my thinness, in fact I hated looking at myself like that. 

After my kidney transplant, my health improved and so did my size.  Now I had no dietary restrictions and eat whatever I could and I devoured every bite and every  sip. I am on steroids and will be taking them for life to keep my transplanted kidney safe from rejection. Steroids give you what they call a moon face , basically your face blows up and also make you gain weight faster than you would like. I am just giving reasons. I actually ate to my hearts content and all the medicines have added their bit and now I find myself on a weight loss program. 

As per my new year resolution I enrolled myself for a weight loss program, with a nutritionist.  I have worked with her in the past and had success with weight loss so she was a natural choice. 

As we started with my plan, after a week or two she put me on GM Diet to get my system working.  GM diet is a popular diet developed by General Motors Corporations for their employees. There is a lot of material on internet for GM diet. You can read more about it from this link

I have done GM diet previously and I was ok to do it one more time as I had seen good results. I decided to start the  GM diet on Saturday and bought all the stuff needed. 

Day 1 –  You have to eat only fruits on Day 1. It was quite easy actually. I was given a list of preferred fruits and I obliged. Barring evening I didn’t feel any weakness or cravings. I was all right. I slept peacefully but around 1:30 in the night I woke up with bad acidity. I threw up once or twice and felt better. It lasted for 20 minutes and then it got worse. I had bad case of diarrhoea. For next two hours I was continuously throwing up and had loose motions. It became so bad that I wanted my husband to take me to the hospital. By 4:30 in the morning I was so exhausted I just fell asleep. 

Day 2 : I woke up feeling tired and was wondering if I should continue with the GM plan. Then I weighed myself and I saw a loss of 1 kg. The diarrhoea was worth it  🙂 I had tea and few biscuits and called my Nutritionist , she told me to continue if feeling better as the day 1 is normally the toughest and I was already done with it. I decided to continue.  On day 2 you can eat only vegetables. As she said it was an easier day. It went pretty smoothly. 

Day 3 : I saw a gain. It was disappointing.  It was all water weight loss thanks to diarrhoea. Day 3 was fruits and vegetables and I enjoyed it. It was not a very difficult day 

Day 4 : No change in the weight. Day 4 you can have 600 ML cow milk and maximum of 8 bananas.  Its a torturous day for people who hate bananas. Luckily I like bananas but still found this a hard day. It was monotonous taste wise and having so much milk and banana is not really appetising. I really wanted to cheat but I didn’t. I was looking forward for Day 5 which is a feast 

Day 5 : Slight change in the weight but nothing great. Day 5 is feast as you can have proteins and milk but the worst part is having 8 tomatoes. I don’t like tomatoes. I rarely eat them raw. I made a really thick soup and added few in my omelettes and chicken preparations. This was a good day overall. No cravings as you have a lot of options to eat. 

Day 6 :  You can have fruit in addition of Day 5 options and thankfully no tomatoes. I had slight change in the weight. I was bit disappointed with weight loss as it was not as what I had in my previous attempts. I was hoping for a better fat loss. My nutritionist has a really good body fat monitor and I was hoping to see a good fat loss. 

Day 7 : Judgement Day:  you can have rice on this day. Party time!!!! I went to my nutritionist’s clinic with great hope and anticipation. I did my body fat composition and was heartbroken!  I lost 500 grams of fat and only 800 grams of weight.  I felt like Kate from This is Us, who works hard on her diet and sees a less than expected results. The actor has nailed the exasperation of a person on a weighing day!

This result was no where near my previous attempts where I had lost 2 to 3 kilos in weight and around 1 kilo of fat. This wasn’t bad but not good either. My sincere suggestion to all nutritionist to keep a punching bag and boxing gloves in their office so clients like me can take out their frustrations then and there.  

I still feel GM Diet is a good plan and can be done for a good detox. It helps to kick start your body in fat burning zone. Results may vary person to person as every body reacts differently depending on age, metabolic rate and other health factors. 

If I have to dissect my attempt, I gave my best effort but now I am 5 years older from my last weight loss effort and have gone through terrible physical traumas. I have certain medications and physical limitations. Considering all these factors my body has really cooperated and achieve the best it could! After few months I would definitely try again!

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The New Academic Year Has Started But…

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Today April 1, marks the beginning of new academic year for my daughter.  She is in 9th grade now. She didn’t attend the physical school for a single day in 2020 thanks to corona. It has spread over in 2021 too. 

When I was in school, our academic year would start on June 13, every year. My parents would buy us new school uniform, new books , shoes, raincoats and stationary. I was  particularly interested in the stationary. It was compulsory for us to put brown covers on our text books and label them.  It was a family event with all three siblings and our dad sitting and put covers on text book and label.

What a joy it was to go back to school after summer holidays . It is monsoon time in India and it would invariably rain on our first day of the school. Getting wet on school reopening would add to the magic of the day. Meeting friends and enjoy their company was so exciting. We didn’t have mobile phones or WhatsApp so all the more excitement of meeting friends. 

I have absolutely enjoyed prepping for new academic session for my daughter. Moms get particularly excited at schools reopening as they run out of their patience with long summer holidays. Kids getting busy in their routine is much needed. 

Since last year moms are not getting that breather. I wasn’t really excited with schools reopening as she still continues being home and sitting in front of the computer.  The school has started classes with no text books. They simply said refer online books. I don’t need to buy new school stuff. No chance of meeting school friends, Sharing tiffins and having a laugh. 

Kids are really having it hard. These are their formative years and their interactions with their friends, teachers have huge impact on how they will turn out as adults and they are missing it. Some parents have done a great job keeping their child motivated and engage them in various things and their children have also responded positively.

My daughter has managed well. She has kept herself busy mostly in her room owing to her teenage need of  “privacy” and indulging in baking. She managed to do a successful bake sale too. However now she is feeling the boredom. She is craving for live group energy of her dance classes. The new normal doesn’t feel like normal for her. I am increasingly having frictions with her  on how she spends her day and organises herself.  She is clearly having hard time and missing normalcy of life. I cannot blame her. 

As a mom I am too running out of patience having to deal with all this. All I can do is pray for things to return to as carefree as it can get! 

#SOCS March 13- Day That Starts well Doesn’t Necessarily Ends Well

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week:

I thought it would be interesting to see not just how everyone has coped, in last year or not, over the last year, but to share our common experiences as a way to connect, to feel a little less alone, perhaps. Basically, talk about your last year is what I’m saying, whether stream-of-consciousness style or not. Or, if you’d rather not, talk about any time period your heart desires. Without further ado, here’s your prompt for this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “day/week/month/year.” Use one, use them all, use them any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Yesterday was that day for me!

I am toying with a business ides in the area of learning & development for sometime and was doing some research around it.  I have a gut feeling it may work well.

I spent my morning creating a feasibility survey about it and while doing so I got a text from my friend. She had a requirement for content creation. I offered to do it but the timelines were aggressive for submission.

When I looked at the kind of offerings they were trying to provide I knew it was not a good product.  I was in no way capable of delivering everything in a week and offered to do a part of the job.  I knew this wasn’t working but I really enjoyed creating outlines on what I will do and how I will so this project.  It felt like back at work. I felt this was a good omen that we were discussing this project on a day I was ready to send out my survey. 

It didn’t work out and my friend informed me she isn’t going ahead with the project. I didn’t react much in fact I was totally normal and relieved. 

Our mind works very different though.  Our mind controls our emotional responses and the timing of the same. There are multiple things that  am working on. I am on a weight loss program and I really worked hard this week and  was expecting a good weigh in. I went to my nutritionist and I found a gain on the scale. I was angry and in fact I was in tears. I was taken aback with my emotions. This wasn’t a normal reaction for sure. I have had worse weigh in than that day but I was extremely upset. 

After some emotional scanning I realised it wasn’t about a bad weigh in, but it was about the opportunity that didn’t materialise. There have been many days like this for many of us as we are still struggling with pandemic. Fear of catching virus, isolation, feeling stuck. Things that didn’t materialised. Did you experience  such emotional state in the last year where your reactions really didn’t make sense and continue to do so? 

I started my day with high hopes and ambition but ended with frustration and binge eating.

Today, however is a new day and I am back on track!   We should enjoy our success and go through the failures and come back on track! Happy weekend!

On This International Women’s Day Get Rid Of…..

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating our womanhood and our wonderful qualities, the progress we have made so far and our achievements. 

 It is great to celebrate a day that makes us feel great about ourselves, but do we really? We read all those wonderful articles, listen to motivational speeches and participate in women day celebrations. Does that really make you feel great? I myself have participated in these celebrations and then next day remember myself saying back to the grind! Back to the same old life!

There are many things we can do to make us feel great but the big one that comes to my mind is being unapologetic. When I say that I am looking at different things we end up doing or saying or feeling bad and apologise because we are women. From many wonderful gifts women have received there is one gift we really could have done away is, the gift of the guilt. 

Consider this. John is in the  pub celebrating a Friday evening with his friends and enjoying himself to the hilt. Shannon his wife calls him and lets him know their son Harry is feeling sick and is vomiting. John pacifies Shannon and tell her to calm down and give him medication and call him if things get worse. He continues with his evening and calls her back only on his way home to check on Harry. He comes home , checks on Harry and then sits down to watch his favourite TV show and tells Shannon, “I told you he will be fine”. 

Now replace John with Shannon in same situation. What would be her reactions? She may continue like John did enquiring about her son but she will make calls to check on him, she might lose interest in the evening and may head off home thinking she is the mother so she needs to be home with her son. She feels guilty celebrating a Friday evening while her son is feeling sick.  After all parenting is primarily a woman’s job. 

Her worry about her son is perfectly legit but why the guilt,  which we didn’t see in John in same situation. He assumes since Shannon is there Harry will be fine! 

This is just one situation but  there are many other situations where women end up feeling guilty. Women feel guilty for focussing on their career, having long working hours,  not having a career, travelling, eating heartily, not looking a certain way, not having the perfectly running house or kids not turning out to be super champions. 

Somewhere in the pursuit of  catching up with men and trying to have it all, we have taken too much on our plate. We do so many things that men can do but we haven’t really mastered their art of not feeling responsible for anything and everything that happens. 

Women need to start looking at thing less passionately for their on emotional well being. Always remember when you think “what will happen to my kids, my family ,my work if I am not there?” The answer is “ the show will go on! They will be fine! They will find a way to survive! They will find a replacement at work”  It is a harsh reality. You need to know this even if it doesn’t make you feel good and important. 

You are trying your best and most of the time things will be ok! So ladies take  responsibility but get rid of the guilt.

Happy International Women’s Day 

# SOCS March 6- Butter

This weeks Linda Hills Saturday prompt is butter. I love butter and I am on strict diet right now so need to limit my intake but writing about it is making me feel great.

For most of the Indians butter is Amul Butter.  That is the taste of India and its yummmmm!

Butter is an integral part of Indian culinary experience and most of the time every household makes its own butter at home and we call it Makkhan.  We never call home made Makhan, butter.

When we buy butter its invariably Amul Butter. there are other brands but Amul is the king.

Amul butter is pure fatty gold with divine smell and taste. Indians are so used to Amul Butter that many eateries name their foods mentioning Amul Butter. Its common on streets to have menu items like Amul Pav Bhaji,  Amul Tawa Pulao. 

Amul butter’s taste has many fans and I am equally big fan of their ads.  Their ads mentioning the latest happening in India and world are huge hits. 

Amul Butter is the butter of India