Day 17: Post About Your Zodiac sign, and whether it suits you

My zodiac sign is Taurus and I am every bit of Taurean. 

Some of the Taurus traits, both positive and negative, are applicable to me. 

Value honesty and hard work – I cannot lie. Even if id I am so unconvincing that everyone comes to know I am lying. I am very hardworking. I am rarely pulled up for not putting effort in my professional life. 

Money  & luxury: Taurus craves for money and luxury and I am no different. I am no back packer. I like luxurious holidays. I love my comfortable life. 

Patience: I am extremely patient. 

Food:  Taurean don’t eat to live but live to eat and I am no exception. I love good food. I like cooking good food. I am always surfing food channels and obviously diets as a repercussions of eating good food 

Flirt : I don’t think I am a flirt but more than few occasions I have been called flirtatious. I think its classic case on intention getting lost in translation. 

Set in my ways: I like things done in certain way and sometimes I have issues if thing don’t go that way. 

Hate authority – Who likes being controlled. I certainly don’t. I feel suffocated. 

Greedy –  Its one trait I do not agree with. I am not at all greedy. 

With famous people like Queen Elizabeth II, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham being Taurus I feel I am every bit of Taurus.  

What is your zodiac sign? Do you agree with it? If you are a fellow Taurus which trait you think is the best? Do share in comments.

Day 16: Something You Miss

I miss my Dad! 

I am a Daddy’s girl and I miss him every day. 

He was such a gem of person. I was never afraid of him. I could go to him with anything that I wanted to share or discuss. Its one quality of his being a parent has been imbibed in me.  I am a lot like him in my parenting style. 

He had a great sense of humour and our conversations as a family or even one on one were humorous, insightful without being preachy. All three siblings have inherited his sense of humour. We are not boring. 

He was a voracious reader and would buy a lot of books and that encouraged us to read.  We went to a Marathi school and to improve our English he would buy English film magazines.  We were film buffs and crazy of film stars and we ended up reading those magazine which improved our English. It was a very smart move. I don’t buy magazines anymore but buy a lot of books thanks to him. 

He was a fantastic human being and was loved by all. 

I can still feel his hug and his warmth and can hear his hearty laughter. I remember he would gently caress our forehead to put us to sleep, I miss that.  When I fell sick, I so wanted him to be with me and put me to sleep. 

He passed away when I was expecting my daughter and my biggest regret is my daughter never got a chance to meet my dad. They would have had a blast together. 

Two weeks before he passed away, I had called him to tell him how my first sonography went.  He wrote a small not about it in his diary mentioning it and saying few good things about me. I have that note with me and  consider it my most treasured possession. 

Day 15 : Bullet Point Your Day

When I saw the prompt for today, I was like I have hardly to do anything to do a bullet point. After writing, I think I do invest my time in learning and adding a skill so I should be proud of myself. 

7:30 Wake up In Morning (Thank god for online school and work from home. There is no urgency to get up in the morning)

7:30 – 8:30 – Morning cup of tea and read news paper. Prep for breakfast. Wake up daughter for the school. Play with our cat Sansa 

8:30 -9:30. Exrecise. Mostly I play a You tube video and workout. Current favourite Chloe Ting

9:30 – 11: Breakfast, bath, another cup of tea. 

11:- 1:00. Work on my counselling certification / blogging / Creative writing course. Any errands that need to be done. 

1:00 — 3:00 Lunch, Tv time, talk to my daughter. I watch a crime serial everyday. I am a big fan of crime and thriller dramas 

3:00 – 5:30. Back to writing, blogging, my udemy courses. Sometimes I take a nap or read a book 

5:30- 7:00. Have tea, go for a walking listening to music 

7:00-8:30 Prepare dinner, read or chat with my sister or friend. Sudoku is a must in my evening . My husband is free by this time so we talk, fight or just chill 

8:30. Dinner 

9:00 to 10:30. TV Time with husband 

10:30 – 11:00 Reading and meditation 

11:00. Lights off 

Day 14: Post Your Favourite Movies That You Never Get Tired Of Watching

I love movies and I love easy breezy movies. For me watching a movie is about having good time and beating stress. So my choices wont surprise you. 

Pretty Woman:

I watched this movie in college. Julia Robert made prostitutes look so human and people with feelings. She was adorable and Richard Gere was so handsome! I really enjoy watching this movie. Every time Julia Robert walks down in the hotel lobby wearing red gown to go to opera is a such an eye pleasing and wonderful moment. 

As Good As it Gets 

This is one of the best and most unusual romantic movies. Jack Nicholson is  at his best as Melvin, an eccentric writer with OCD and sarcasm. His chemistry with Helen Hunt and their banter with each other is a treat to watch. With the main lead of the movie being a writer, its no surprise that  the dialogues are fabulous. My favourite lines of the movie “ You make me want to be a better man”  “ I cant believe people don’t notice you when you serve coffee at their table. They don’t know they just missed meeting the greatest woman on earth”.  We must learn complimenting from Melvin.


This is a childhood favourite. Sanjeev Kumar is one of the best actors India has ever produced and this movie belongs to him. Two set of twin brothers separated meet years later and what follows is a hilarious chain of events. I can watch this movie any time and still laugh as much as I did when I watched it first. I read they will be making a remake of this movie, I hope it never gets made. No one can act like Sanjeev Kumar. 

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum 

I may not watch this movie as a whole  every time but I see the majority of this movie.  I love Kajol and Kareena Kapoor’s parts. They are so much fun and well acted. I cant change the channel when Kajol is being rude in punjabi to shahrukh and his little brother. 


I am a huge titanic fan. I have watched a lot of documentaries on the ship so no wonder the movie is on my favourite movies. The best part of this movie you can just start watching it any point of time and still fun and you are glued thinking oh now that will happen. You get engrossed. 


I am a Shah Rukh Khan fan and I think no one could have played an  Indian NASA scientist better than him. He looked the part. Its bit long but a lovely movie. A R Rehman’s title track has so much soul in it. Love the jubilation when Shah rush’s character is able to light a bulb in a small village. If you have not seen this movie you must. 

Dil Chahata Hai: 

This movie changed the way friendship is depicted in Indian cinema. Its ok to have fun in life. You don’t have to be always the sacrificial friend and you can fight with friends and make up. I have lot of friends and I love this movie for that. 

Day 13: What Are You Excited About?

As some of you may already know, I struggled with kidney disease and illness and went trough harrowing  time. I was fortunate enough to have access to mental health professional which was really useful. Because of which I developed interest in this area. 

I was toying with this idea for some time and now I am preparing myself to become a counsellor or life coach as you would like to call it. 

Most of my professional life has been with corporates and now I want to do something that will not have a retirement age. Something that will bring me in contact with people where I can help them to improve and empower their life and of course earn some money for me. Money is not the primary focus though. 

I have enrolled myself with few Udemy courses and a Counselling Certification Institute in India. I am studying and preparing myself and thats what  I am really excited about it.