Back To Blogging !

I am back to blogging after almost a year.  I joined work after a long break and wanted to write about my experience but I never got to do it. But today I finally got the motivation. By 3:30 PM on Friday I was feeling exhausted. It had  nothing to do with work but dueContinue reading “Back To Blogging !”

Day 30: Your Highs and Lows For The Month

The positive person in me is thinking of more highs than low which is great! Isn’t it?  This is the last blog from the 30 Day Writing Challenge and writing this blog and completing the challenge has been a big high for the month gone by for sure.  I have tried many individual challenges butContinue reading “Day 30: Your Highs and Lows For The Month”

Day 29: What Are Your Goals For Next 30 days?

Writing this blog took me back to my corporate days where we did this goal setting exercise at the beginning of the year. The timing is also perfect. I have also used the same principle of not have more than 3 main goals and 3 sub goals in each of the category. Keep it simpleContinue reading “Day 29: What Are Your Goals For Next 30 days?”

Day 28: Post 5 Things That Make you Laugh Out Loud

I can laugh easily and I laugh heartily too. So it really doesn’t take much for me to roll with laughter but these 5 things definitely make me laugh again and again.  OMJ : That is my daughter’s version of Oh My God. My niece is 8 years older than my daughter and is aContinue reading “Day 28: Post 5 Things That Make you Laugh Out Loud”