Day 20: Post About 3 Celebrity Crush

Shah Rukh Khan:  My celebrity crush,  since school days.  I saw him first in the TV serial Fauji and I think most of the girls swooned over him.  Then he joined movies and delivered many hits especially romantic movies. I still like him but no longer just for his movies, but also for the wayContinue reading “Day 20: Post About 3 Celebrity Crush”

Day 19: Write About Today

Coincidently today happens to be Valentine’s Day. The day of love.  When I was younger, the Valentin’s day was all about mushy romance. Greeting, cards, balloons, chocolates, roses and the works. My husband sent me red roses without fail.  However, today it is just a normal day.  In the morning cook called saying she wontContinue reading “Day 19: Write About Today”

Day 17: Post About Your Zodiac sign, and whether it suits you

My zodiac sign is Taurus and I am every bit of Taurean.  Some of the Taurus traits, both positive and negative, are applicable to me.  Value honesty and hard work – I cannot lie. Even if id I am so unconvincing that everyone comes to know I am lying. I am very hardworking. I amContinue reading “Day 17: Post About Your Zodiac sign, and whether it suits you”

Day 16: Something You Miss

I miss my Dad!  I am a Daddy’s girl and I miss him every day.  He was such a gem of person. I was never afraid of him. I could go to him with anything that I wanted to share or discuss. Its one quality of his being a parent has been imbibed in me. Continue reading “Day 16: Something You Miss”

Day 15 : Bullet Point Your Day

When I saw the prompt for today, I was like I have hardly to do anything to do a bullet point. After writing, I think I do invest my time in learning and adding a skill so I should be proud of myself.  7:30 Wake up In Morning (Thank god for online school and workContinue reading “Day 15 : Bullet Point Your Day”