Day 23: Write A Letter to Someone

Dear Sansa, I know you can’t read this butI have said many of the things I am mentioning in this letter, to you already.  When I say these things to you, you look at me with such a sweet face making me wish if you could talk.  I wasn’t and I am still not aContinue reading “Day 23: Write A Letter to Someone”

Day 6: 5 Ways To win Your Heart

Any one who goes out of their way to make people feel special and valued wins my heart  When someone makes a statement that values a woman and treats her as equal, wins my heart  Any one  who appreciate other’s point of view which may be opposite, wins my heart. Acceptance of the different perspectivesContinue reading “Day 6: 5 Ways To win Your Heart”

Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai With Deccan Queen

As part of my creative writing course with Udemy, one of the writing prompt made me write about Deccan Queen. Deccan Queen is an emotion for people travelling between Mumbai and Pune.The train recently was in news for celebrating its 90th birthday. There were many articles printed in newspaper. It is only when I wasContinue reading “Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai With Deccan Queen”