Day 6: 5 Ways To win Your Heart

Any one who goes out of their way to make people feel special and valued wins my heart  When someone makes a statement that values a woman and treats her as equal, wins my heart  Any one  who appreciate other’s point of view which may be opposite, wins my heart. Acceptance of the different perspectivesContinue reading “Day 6: 5 Ways To win Your Heart”

Day 1: 10 Things That Make you Happy

By nature, I am a happy person and it doesn’t take much to make me happy. So I thought the Day 1 prompt was an easy one but when I got down to listing it I was surprised that I had to think quite a bit. Happiness is subjective and the list comprises of  thingsContinue reading “Day 1: 10 Things That Make you Happy”

What Else You Need In life?

I was meaning to call one of my school friends for days but procrastination had better of me.I finally managed to dial her that too at a time I was sure she wouldn’t pick up. In the rush hours of morning!  I thought if she has time we will talk or else at least sheContinue reading “What Else You Need In life?”

002. The Day It Collapsed

The chest physician got me admitted in the hospital as the X-ray that day had shown a major lung congestion. Other than that, most of the reports were normal but I had breathing difficulty and major fatigue, so he had advised oxygen support, put me on steroids for immediate relief and I was also givenContinue reading “002. The Day It Collapsed”