016. My Struggle As Kidney Patient Part 9: Adjusting with New Kidney

After spending 24 hours in the recovery room, I was shifted to a private room. I was on top of the world, now that things were going to fall in place. To ensure my transplant was a success, the doctors counselled me on the do’s and don’ts after my surgery. 

010. My Struggles As A Kidney Patient Part 3: Emotional Upheavals & A Triumph

Irritation, weakness, guilt, despair and frustration owing to dependency is on the emotional palette of a sick person. Why me? – a constant question a person asks themselves. That’s what I experienced once I came back to my senses, realized what was happening to me and what my life could be for good.

009.My Struggles As A Kidney Patient Part2: Experiences From Dialysis Centre

The dialysis centre becomes a big part of your universe and it is a universe on its own. My dialysis centre was in the same hospital where I was treated. Initially, it was all new. None of us knew how to deal with those four hours – what to expect and the things we neededContinue reading “009.My Struggles As A Kidney Patient Part2: Experiences From Dialysis Centre”