Day 28: Post 5 Things That Make you Laugh Out Loud

I can laugh easily and I laugh heartily too. So it really doesn’t take much for me to roll with laughter but these 5 things definitely make me laugh again and again.  OMJ : That is my daughter’s version of Oh My God. My niece is 8 years older than my daughter and is aContinue reading “Day 28: Post 5 Things That Make you Laugh Out Loud”

Day 3: What Are your Top 3 Pet Peeves?

I am a Mom locked up with my family for almost an year, thanks to corona!   So I am sure many women can identify with these. I am extremely irritated and 3 is too less a number for my pet peeves but currently I can count the below as my top 3. What’s forContinue reading “Day 3: What Are your Top 3 Pet Peeves?”

Whats In Your “Dabba” ?

While cleaning my kitchen cabinets I found my lunch box right at the end in a corner. I took it in my hand and suddenly it was all nostalgia. Holding it in my hand, I had so many memories flooding to me and I realized these boxes play a much bigger role in our livesContinue reading “Whats In Your “Dabba” ?”

What Type Of A Gym Person Are You?

Finally the gyms in Maharashtra can be open from 24th October and there is excitement as well as apprehensions about it.  COVID is a difficult bitch.  Gym goers are definitely missing gyms and reason is entirely not about fitness. I joined a gym 10 years back, primarily to lose weight and continued to go toContinue reading “What Type Of A Gym Person Are You?”