017.My Struggle As kidney Patient Part 10: Not Without Them

Reading my journey, I am sure you must have noticed the tremendous support Dinesh and I have received from our family and friends.  Difficult times are true barometer of people who stand by you in your difficult times and I am extremely lucky in this department.  My illness got me closer to people with whomContinue reading “017.My Struggle As kidney Patient Part 10: Not Without Them”

016. My Struggle As Kidney Patient Part 9: Adjusting with New Kidney

After spending 24 hours in the recovery room, I was shifted to a private room. I was on top of the world, now that things were going to fall in place. To ensure my transplant was a success, the doctors counselled me on the do’s and don’ts after my surgery. 

013.My Struggle As Kidney Patient Part 6: Plan of God

My brother Nitin is the eldest, then Mamata and then me. We call him Dada. Growing up, we were extremely close. We have some amazing childhood memories and I have to share this particular memory that we have pulled his leg for an eternity, but to a large extent, has played out in real life.