Day 21: What lessons Do You want Your Children To Learn From You?

Ethics Is What defines you :  Good moral ethics should be your core value. Ethical conduct is often hard but thats the right way to lead life. Invest In People:  More and more people are isolating themselves are not giving enough importance of having people in their life. Be it family or friends, the trendContinue reading “Day 21: What lessons Do You want Your Children To Learn From You?”

Day 11: Something You Always think “What if” about

I wouldn’t say I “always”think about it but there are fleeting moments this thought comes to my mind. “What if we didn’t have Sayali, my daughter”  I struggled with fertility issues.  In a span of three years I had two miscarriages and had an ectopic pregnancy because of which my one fallopian tube was removed.Continue reading “Day 11: Something You Always think “What if” about”

Day 9: Post Some Word of Wisdom That Speak To you

This was a good topic. I didn’t have to write anything though. It was enjoyable to put together the post. “ Dont let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace”. — Dalai Lama  How true is this?  How many times we get upset because someone said so and so or about what they did.Continue reading “Day 9: Post Some Word of Wisdom That Speak To you”

Day 8: Share Something You Struggle With

I struggle with need of gratification and therefore with consistency. They go hand in hand for me. Let me explain.  I start something , follow it for few days and then give in.  I have started counselling courses with Udemy and want to become a counsellor. I have been enrolled in this course for overContinue reading “Day 8: Share Something You Struggle With”

What Else You Need In life?

I was meaning to call one of my school friends for days but procrastination had better of me.I finally managed to dial her that too at a time I was sure she wouldn’t pick up. In the rush hours of morning!  I thought if she has time we will talk or else at least sheContinue reading “What Else You Need In life?”