Day 23: Write A Letter to Someone

Dear Sansa, I know you can’t read this butI have said many of the things I am mentioning in this letter, to you already.  When I say these things to you, you look at me with such a sweet face making me wish if you could talk.  I wasn’t and I am still not aContinue reading “Day 23: Write A Letter to Someone”

Day 19: Write About Today

Coincidently today happens to be Valentine’s Day. The day of love.  When I was younger, the Valentin’s day was all about mushy romance. Greeting, cards, balloons, chocolates, roses and the works. My husband sent me red roses without fail.  However, today it is just a normal day.  In the morning cook called saying she wontContinue reading “Day 19: Write About Today”

Day 16: Something You Miss

I miss my Dad!  I am a Daddy’s girl and I miss him every day.  He was such a gem of person. I was never afraid of him. I could go to him with anything that I wanted to share or discuss. Its one quality of his being a parent has been imbibed in me. Continue reading “Day 16: Something You Miss”

017.My Struggle As kidney Patient Part 10: Not Without Them

Reading my journey, I am sure you must have noticed the tremendous support Dinesh and I have received from our family and friends.  Difficult times are true barometer of people who stand by you in your difficult times and I am extremely lucky in this department.  My illness got me closer to people with whomContinue reading “017.My Struggle As kidney Patient Part 10: Not Without Them”

013.My Struggle As Kidney Patient Part 6: Plan of God

My brother Nitin is the eldest, then Mamata and then me. We call him Dada. Growing up, we were extremely close. We have some amazing childhood memories and I have to share this particular memory that we have pulled his leg for an eternity, but to a large extent, has played out in real life.