Throwback Thursday – Learning To Drive

Participating in the writing prompt jointly given by FromTheCave walls and LSS Attitude of Gratitude.  This weeks prompt is writing your memory of “Learning to Drive” To know more about the prompt visit the link Being a Mumbai girl I was more used to travelling by public transport. So I never knew cycling, riding orContinue reading “Throwback Thursday – Learning To Drive”

The New Academic Year Has Started But…

Today April 1, marks the beginning of new academic year for my daughter.  She is in 9th grade now. She didn’t attend the physical school for a single day in 2020 thanks to corona. It has spread over in 2021 too.  When I was in school, our academic year would start on June 13, everyContinue reading “The New Academic Year Has Started But…”

Day 22: Write About Your Favourite Restaurants

Now thats going to be a long list as I am a foodie and I ate out a lot! I do not eat out as much but still love to go out and have a good meal.  Here is my pick of my favourite restaurants.  Savya Rasa :  Nestled in a small Koregon Park laneContinue reading “Day 22: Write About Your Favourite Restaurants”

Day 4: Write About Someone Who Inspires you?

It definitely has to be my grandfather.  A tall personality indeed !  He lived his life with utmost dignity ,passion and elegance.  He passed away at 92 and he was extremely healthy and fit, barring last two months in his life.  After retiring from Army Accounts Department, he settled in Pune and spent his laterContinue reading “Day 4: Write About Someone Who Inspires you?”

Day 2: Write Something That Someone Told You About Yourself That You Never Forget

When I saw the Day 2 prompt this came to my mind instantly.  I was in school and was visiting my maternal aunt. As it was summer, she also had other relatives ,my uncle’s cousin, his wife and son visiting them.  I got along well with them and we were enjoying our stay.  The dayContinue reading “Day 2: Write Something That Someone Told You About Yourself That You Never Forget”