Day 30: Your Highs and Lows For The Month

The positive person in me is thinking of more highs than low which is great! Isn’t it?  This is the last blog from the 30 Day Writing Challenge and writing this blog and completing the challenge has been a big high for the month gone by for sure.  I have tried many individual challenges butContinue reading “Day 30: Your Highs and Lows For The Month”

Day 9: Post Some Word of Wisdom That Speak To you

This was a good topic. I didn’t have to write anything though. It was enjoyable to put together the post. “ Dont let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace”. — Dalai Lama  How true is this?  How many times we get upset because someone said so and so or about what they did.Continue reading “Day 9: Post Some Word of Wisdom That Speak To you”

21 Ideas For 2021 Resolution

  Its that time of the year! We are looking forward to turn a page and embark on something new. What better way than setting up a new year resolution to do that! Weight loss, exercising 5 days a week, changing a job, almost everyone makes these new year resolution only to keep up withContinue reading “21 Ideas For 2021 Resolution”

What Else You Need In life?

I was meaning to call one of my school friends for days but procrastination had better of me.I finally managed to dial her that too at a time I was sure she wouldn’t pick up. In the rush hours of morning!  I thought if she has time we will talk or else at least sheContinue reading “What Else You Need In life?”

My Experience Of 21 Day Meditation Challenge by Art Of Living Foundation

Few months back I did a 21 day Abundance challenge and enjoyed it immensely.  It opened up few areas of my life that I otherwise wouldn’t have ventured into.  So when I received the notification for 21 Day Meditation  challenge by Art of Living foundation I grabbed it.   I have followed AOL foundation (ArtContinue reading “My Experience Of 21 Day Meditation Challenge by Art Of Living Foundation”