Day 22: Write About Your Favourite Restaurants

Now thats going to be a long list as I am a foodie and I ate out a lot! I do not eat out as much but still love to go out and have a good meal.  Here is my pick of my favourite restaurants.  Savya Rasa :  Nestled in a small Koregon Park laneContinue reading “Day 22: Write About Your Favourite Restaurants”

Masala Crab @ Goa’s Martin Corner – You Can’t Miss This

I have visited Goa nine times in last twenty years. Goa is a family favourite destination. When we cant decide where to go, we end up in Goa. Each of my Goan sojourn has had one special memory and for the trip I took last week, the special memory was definitely eating the Masala CrabContinue reading “Masala Crab @ Goa’s Martin Corner – You Can’t Miss This”