Day 10 : Write About Something which You Feel Strongly

  I feel strongly about the lack of respect that is rampant in todays world.  Lack of respect is a major cause of dissent these days. Disrespecting individuals, views, boundaries, relationships, gender preferences, religion is making this world more and more polarised. The sad part is no one seems to care. It has become aContinue reading “Day 10 : Write About Something which You Feel Strongly”

Fiction – I Get You

The alarm rang at 8 AM and Sarah woke up reluctantly.  She wanted to sleep some more as she slept pretty late in the night.  Being an Instagram influencer was not a joke with two million followers.  Sarah ran a fashion handle on Instagram called  “OOTD – Outfits over the Diets”  She routinely grammed bodyContinue reading “Fiction – I Get You”

Writing Prompt SOCS Letter M- Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? We all have heard and read this story. Every time the evil queen asks the question to mirror expecting her name to come up, mirror takes the snow whites’s name. What follows is saga of jealousy, gaining supremacy and in the end snow whiteContinue reading “Writing Prompt SOCS Letter M- Mirror Mirror on the wall”