The “Saree” Story

Every year during October – November months, we plan a trip to Shirdi and then Saptashrungi.  We have been doing this for a few years now barring two years of Pandemic. For my trip a month before the pandemic broke, there was a huge pooja planned and I had bought a fancy new saree. IContinue reading “The “Saree” Story”

Day 5: List 5 Places you Want To Visit

Australia – It is on my list for really long.  Though the reason to visit Australia has changed now. Previously, I wanted to travel around the country but now I want it to be a culinary experience. I am a huge Masterchef Australia fan and now I want to visit the sets and eat aroundContinue reading “Day 5: List 5 Places you Want To Visit”

Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai With Deccan Queen

As part of my creative writing course with Udemy, one of the writing prompt made me write about Deccan Queen. Deccan Queen is an emotion for people travelling between Mumbai and Pune.The train recently was in news for celebrating its 90th birthday. There were many articles printed in newspaper. It is only when I wasContinue reading “Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai With Deccan Queen”

Masala Crab @ Goa’s Martin Corner – You Can’t Miss This

I have visited Goa nine times in last twenty years. Goa is a family favourite destination. When we cant decide where to go, we end up in Goa. Each of my Goan sojourn has had one special memory and for the trip I took last week, the special memory was definitely eating the Masala CrabContinue reading “Masala Crab @ Goa’s Martin Corner – You Can’t Miss This”