Day 27: Write About An Area In Your Life That Is Kicking Ass Right Now

My writing and my counselling course are the two areas that is really kicking ass right now in my life.  I started my blog Miracle Moments, to describe my health journey.  It was really tough to write about the sequence of events and my physical and emotional trauma but it was so cathartic. It helpedContinue reading “Day 27: Write About An Area In Your Life That Is Kicking Ass Right Now”

Day 5: List 5 Places you Want To Visit

Australia – It is on my list for really long.  Though the reason to visit Australia has changed now. Previously, I wanted to travel around the country but now I want it to be a culinary experience. I am a huge Masterchef Australia fan and now I want to visit the sets and eat aroundContinue reading “Day 5: List 5 Places you Want To Visit”

January 21- Flash Fiction- Fuck The Diet

Flash fiction challenge by Carrot Ranch community on rephrasing the “light at the end of the tunnel” Sally was a chronic failed dieter who managed well for the week and blew it all on weekend. She weighed herself on Monday morning and saw a gain.  Frustrated, she started surfing the net and came across aContinue reading “January 21- Flash Fiction- Fuck The Diet”