001. It Slowly Creeps In And Then It Captures

We all do it! We get so caught up in our lives that we often fail to notice or just ignore the signals that you are receiving especially when it comes to health.

My life was perfectly normal. Married to Dinesh, a wonderful guy, blessed with a lovely daughter Sayali, a loving family and good circle of close knit friends. I was working in a big IT firm and enjoyed my job to the hilt.

My story starts around Mid 2017. We had recently moved to our lovely new house and had celebrated our daughters 10th birthday with a grand bash. Around August 2017 I started coughing. It was just a normal bout of cough. I did visit the Doctor and took medicine. It did feel like everything would be under control soon. But not really. The cough persisted. It was on and off but nothing major that I felt needed further investigation. Life went on. Busy with home and work and other things. Still no feeling of something going wrong.

My cough continued, I started doing all the home remedies, repeated another round of anti biotics but this time after completing the medicine course I started feeling a little weak. Antibiotics do have that effect on me. The doctors just gave some multi vitamins and it seemed to work.

Diwali was approaching and we had planned a trip to Dubai right after Diwali celebrations. I was still exhausted and my cough persisted. I started getting remarks from my colleagues that it was worsening but nothing seemed alarming. I started prepping for my Dubai trip. On the day of our departure I had a slight temperature. I took paracetamol and left for my vacation.

Dubai was fun and tiring. It was super hot, sandy, dry and one really has to walk a lot on these trips. We went on a sand dune safari and it kind of worsened my cough. I actually thought it was allergy to the sand, I was coughing all through my vacation and indulging myself. This was all the fun I was going to have for a long time to come. So I am happy I seized those moments.

After we returned, in a matter of 2 to 3 days, I had a fever. It was all credited to the exhaustion of the vacation and I followed another round of antibiotics. But this time around things started getting dicey. The fever left me exhausted and fatigued which didn’t seem to improve. I stopped exercising or going for walks. I had lost my appetite and most of my meals were roti with ghee and jaggery. I couldn’t stand any spicy food. I started getting nightmarish cramps in the night and they were so severe that I couldn’t sleep. I mentioned this to my sister Mamata and close friend Pradnya and we talked about doing further tests.

Our close friend Sanjeev, who is a Doctor, suggested that I visit him. We did all the tests including a chest X-ray and a 2D Echo for the heart. Most of my reports were normal except I had anaemia, low platelet count and there was some congestion in chest. A low platelet count is normally associated with dengue and we did those tests too but that was negative as well. Dr. Sanjeev suggested that I get admitted in hospital so I can get some further tests done and will get a complete rest which normally you wouldn’t get at home. The idea of getting admitted in hospital did not appeal to me at all as I felt it wasn’t required and I declined it promptly. I missed a major opportunity and compromised on my health!

I continued with my life with fatigue and exhaustion. There is one incident I would like to share which in retrospect I should have really delved into. While I was talking to Pradnya over the phone I ended up saying “please do not close your monitor I am not able to approve timesheet for you three,” It was totally out of context and I did not need to approve any time sheets in my role at work and there were no three who I needed to approve timecards for. Pradnya was shocked and we discussed what happened. I just could not pin point why I said what I did. If only I had shared this with someone in family. This is one of my biggest regrets. I ignored a major signal!

After two to three days Dinesh woke me up in the middle of night and asked me, “are you ok? You don’t seem to be able to breathe.” I was half asleep, I simply said “yes” and just went back to sleep. Dr. Sanjeev asked me to visit another specialist but by this time I had no confidence and energy to visit the doctor on my own and waited for Dinesh to accompany me. So on Saturday December 17, 2017 we visited a chest physician. He just looked at me and said you need to get admitted in hospital.

The first lesson I learnt in this journey “Don’t ignore the signals.”

Next Week: The day it collapsed – I will be talking about the day when things took ugly turn.!

Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

27 thoughts on “001. It Slowly Creeps In And Then It Captures

  1. Good start Kavita, I am sure this will inspire and motivate many people who face adversities in their life and looking for ray of hope. All the best and keep writing.


    1. Kavita, we were working with you but did not realise the pain you were going through. Guess, it’s lesson time for us too.


  2. It is so true that in our busy schedules at home at work, we tend to ignore the signals. Cant wait to read more of your posts. Keep writing and inspiring. All the best Kavita!


  3. Stay positive from within and it will give you Ray of hope. Keep writing and inspiring people. One thing you are a fighter from within.


    1. I’m glad to see you put your experience to paper. It was such an impactful and scary time. Reading this post brought back vivid memories and emotions for me, too. Looking forward to reading your future posts (and knowing the positive aspects to come)


  4. Kavita, I am so happy that you have decided to share this journey with everyone! There are lessons to be learnt and I am sure you will be able to spread the message across to people. Stay blessed!


  5. Very nicely written Kavita, I wish you all the best for your future journey.
    Eagerly waiting for your next post.


  6. Who could have believed what was to come in the months that followed started with a mere cough. Difficult to know at the time but after reading this post, yes agree with you that our bodies give us enough warning signals and it’s up to us to understand them at the right time.

    Well written, looking forward for the next one. Hope to learn from your experience. Keep writing.


  7. Good start kavita. I am sure people will really start taking care of their and their family members health, and make it a top priority after reading your blogs. All the best👍


  8. Kavita when you visited me you were very exhausted. Even I thought cough is because of sand allergy. Yes I agree we do ignore our health. You are inspiration to all. Looking forward to your next .


  9. Thanks Kavita for sharing this. You are a fighter. I do agree , most of the time we ignore our health and have so many excuses and reason. Surely people will inspire with you and start taking their health on priority. Again thanks for writing this. Looking forward for your next blog


  10. Thanks for sharing… Its an alert for all of us who ignore key signals in busy corporate life .

    Wish to you good health and good luck


  11. Great Kavita. You are a fighter and I appreciate your positive will power to bounce back to life. You are the best bestie I have since college days. Tremendous zing you have to live life to fullest. Thank you for being there as always


  12. Hey Kavita!!!
    I am glad you have decided to pen down your health journey as a learning lesson for all of us to always prioritize your health over anything else… jaan hain to jahan hain. I still remember Dinesh informed us all of your health condition and my reaction to it. I felt as though I had completely lost you. My worst feeling ever. But I know what a strong and positive person you are and it was such a pleasure(the only good in a bad situation) to see you fight all odds to be where you are today. Love you for that. You are my inspiration!! Can’t wait to read your blog as you update it every week. Best wishes and blessings to you.❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  13. You are a fighter.. It’s a great thought of sharing your experiences. Don’t ignore the signals is a simple but grave message.


  14. Hi Kavita,
    Keep writing and sharing. This will Surely inspire many to improve their health conditions👍👍


  15. Yes. As you said body does warn you and most people tend to neglect those signals.We seem to burried under god knows what important things we consider above our own health.There is a lesson to be learnt here.This is the point from where we put ourselves on the path of no return.Glad to know you made if back.Eager to read about your breathtaking journey.


  16. Proud of you dear. Keep writing.
    Your Determination n Willpower had to take the Bull by its Horns. It really didnt know, whom it was challenging n messing up with. Keep going Dear Braveheart. U r a True Inspiration. Godbless U.


  17. Kavita, your story is so touching and a wake up call for everyone. Thanks for sharing your journey and inspiring us to be better human beings


  18. Thanks Kavita for sharing. Seriously a lesson for us not to ignore any signals. Proud of you dear! You are a fighter!


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