Simply 6 Minutes Writing Challenge

Thanks Stine writing for this prompt . I enjoyed it especially not having to proofread it.

When I see photos of birds , I think of a couple who are dear friends of us. I am not a animal person so it amuses me the passion that they have for the birds. They are from army background which involves moving to lot of places all over India which includes big cities as well as small towns.

it is one of the small towns which I believe led them to their hobby. My friends got an accommodation where there were lot of trees and she could spot many birds. on her evening walks she would go out wth her camera in her hand and click pictures whenever she spotted a bird. Then she bought a book which described the bird and their names.

Over a period of time hey become so good at it that the can hear a bird in the vicinity. when we would go out for a walk she could hear a bird and stand there to spot them. or even worse she could see a bird in the thick of the tress and would direct us so that we could see it. I never could spot though

Slowly being with them and they sharing pictures and names of the birds on the whatsapp group , I have finally managed to identify few birds. the best notable example being hornbills.

Published by Kavita Deo

I am an eternal optimistic person who likes to spread joy with my smile and words. I like to look at the lighter side of life and write about it.

3 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes Writing Challenge

  1. I love bird watching. I used to have a bunch of feeders and I would sit for hours with my camera on a tripod to get good pictures. I have an app called Merlin that helps identify birds. Thank you for participating!


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